Marketplace – Wallet

The Vanuatu Made Wallet system is a convenient and secure payment feature that allows users to add credit to their accounts on the Vanuatu Made Marketplace. By having a wallet, users can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and make purchases with ease. Here’s how the Vanuatu Made Wallet system works:

1. Wallet Registration:

  • Users need to register an account on the Vanuatu Made Marketplace if they don’t already have one. During the registration process, they may have the option to enable the wallet feature.

2. Adding Credit:

  • Once the user has an account, they can choose to add credit to their wallet. This can be done through various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards or bank transfers. The system securely processes the payment and adds the desired credit amount to the user’s wallet balance.

3. Wallet Balance:

  • The wallet balance reflects the total amount of credit available to the user for shopping on the marketplace. This balance can be viewed in the user’s account dashboard.

4. Shopping with Wallet Credit:

  • With credit in their wallet, users can start shopping on the Vanuatu Made Marketplace. During the checkout process, they have the option to pay using their wallet balance. This eliminates the need to enter payment details for each purchase.

5. Secure Transactions:

  • The Vanuatu Made Wallet system ensures secure transactions. All payment information is encrypted, and users can shop confidently knowing their financial data is protected.

6. Top-up and Reload Options:

  • Users can top up or reload their wallet whenever they want to add more credit. This can be done through the user’s account settings, where they can choose the desired amount and payment method for the top-up.

7. Wallet Activity and History:

  • Users can easily track their wallet activity and transaction history. They can view details of each transaction, including the date, time, and amount spent.

8. Refunds and Cancellations:

  • In case of refunds or cancellations, the respective amount will be credited back to the user’s wallet balance, allowing for convenient future purchases.

The Vanuatu Made Wallet system simplifies the payment process, making it faster and more efficient for users to shop on the marketplace. It provides a centralized and secure payment solution, reducing the need for repetitive payment information entry. Users can enjoy a seamless shopping experience while maintaining control over their wallet balance.