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Fine Foods Ltd
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Thriving in Efate, Fine Foods Ltd offers a delectable range of products, including SupaMan Fries, NaturKai Laplap, Mango Juice, and Feijoa Juice. For more information, visit their website at To connect with them, call 26720 or 7724720, or email

For fresh food enthusiast Cornelia Wyllie, the founder of Fine Foods Ltd, holistic well-being stands as the cornerstone of a healthy and joyful life. With a profound interest in how diverse diets impact the health of nations, communities, and individuals, Cornelia has dedicated her life to sourcing plants and foods that not only elevate energy and vitality but also promote health and overall well-being, with an inherent ability to foster healing.

The ethos 'Let food be thy medicine' is proudly embraced. The Fine Foods Ltd Vanuatu team shares an unwavering passion for food that offers exceptional nutraceutical value. Additionally, we diligently adhere to the high food safety standards set by FSANZ, USFDA, and the EU. Our commitment to excellence extends to our export endeavors, backed by a promise of utmost satisfaction.

+678 26720 or +678 7724720

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