What Products are Made in Vanuatu?

Vanuatu, an idyllic paradise in the South Pacific, is enchanting the global market with its exquisite range of products that showcase the essence of this stunning island nation. From gourmet delights to natural beauty elixirs, Vanuatu’s producers have captured the attention of consumers worldwide. Here’s a captivating glimpse of some of the extraordinary products that have been making headlines:


As of July 2023, several businesses and entrepreneurs in Vanuatu are actively engaged in producing their own locally-made products for the domestic market and consumption. These products encompass a diverse range, including Colombeer, Virgin Coconut Oil, Chocolate bars, Cocoa beans, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Butter, Kava Powder, Kava Chips, Kava Juice/Instant, Parfum Extrait, Sublime Oil, Pure Coconut Oil, Pure Nangai Oil, Pure Tamanu Oil, Instant Kava, Kava Extract, Kava Extract Byproduct, Fibreglass Boats, Water Tanks, Septic Tanks, Toilets, SupaMan Fries, NaturKai Laplap and Mango Juice, Feijoa Juice, Frozen Organic Root Crops, Chocolate bars with various flavors, Welded Steel Products, Coconut Jam, Gluten-free Flour, Manioc Chips, Taro Chips, Dried and Flavored products, Reusable menstrual pads, Incontinence pads, Reusable nappies, accessories for hygiene products, Bottled Water, Pineapple Juice, Pineapple Fruits, Polyethylene Water Tanks, Bins, Buckets, Dish, Coconut Oil Perfumes, Frozen Green Kava, Seasoning Sauce, Frozen Root Crops – Taro, Cassava, Yam, Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder, Manioc Powder, Flavored Ice cream, Fresh Fruit Sorbet, Natural yogurt, Flavored Yogurt, Fruit Yogurt, Tanna Coffee, Tamanu Oil, Organic Juice, Smoothies, Fruitsicles, Rum, Furniture, Joinery, Handicrafts, Fruits, Soap, Jewelries, Alcohol Beverages, Jam, Vinegar, Liquours, Spirits, Tamanu Oil Range, Facial Care Range, Natural Hair Care Range, Moisturizers.


As of July 2023, the following businesses or entrepreneurs in Vanuatu are involved in making their own Vanuatu-made products for the local market and consumption.

Colombeer – A Taste of Vanuatu: ACS GREENZMAN LOCAL COLOMBEER has made a splash with its signature product, Colombeer. This traditional drink, infused with authentic Vanuatu flavors, has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Its distinct taste, blending tropical goodness and cultural heritage, has earned it accolades on the global stage.

Virgin Coconut Oil – Nourish Naturally: ACTIV LTD has taken the health and beauty world by storm with its premium Virgin Coconut Oil. Sourced from the finest coconuts in Vanuatu, this organic elixir is renowned for its rejuvenating and nourishing properties. Consumers worldwide have embraced it for its versatility and sustainable production methods.

AELAN CHOCOLATE MAKERS LTD – A Sweet Symphony: Vanuatu’s love for chocolate is beautifully encapsulated by AELAN CHOCOLATE MAKERS LTD. Their artisanal chocolate bars, crafted from locally grown cocoa beans, boast an array of tantalizing flavors. This delectable treat has found its way into the hearts of connoisseurs worldwide, showcasing Vanuatu’s culinary finesse.

Kava – A Tranquil Elixir: BRUNS SERVICES has brought Vanuatu’s traditional Kava to the global market. This calming elixir, derived from the island’s sacred plant, has garnered attention for its relaxing properties and cultural significance. As more people seek natural remedies for stress relief, Kava’s popularity continues to soar.

EAU DES ILES – Beauty in a Bottle: Vanuatu’s pristine beauty is mirrored in EAU DES ILES’ products. Their Parfum Extrait, Sublime Oil, Pure Coconut Oil, Pure Nangai Oil, and Pure Tamanu Oil are coveted for their natural, ethically sourced ingredients. This range of beauty elixirs reflects Vanuatu’s commitment to sustainable and authentic beauty practices.

EL MANARO – Kava Refined: EL MANARO’s Instant Kava and Kava Extract have captured the attention of those seeking convenient and premium Kava products. Their meticulous production process preserves the essence of Vanuatu’s Kava culture, and the demand for these refined elixirs has spread to the global market.

FIBREGLASS VANUATU – Craftsmanship Unveiled: FIBREGLASS VANUATU’s boats and tanks have gained recognition for their exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Their Fibreglass Boats have become popular among boating enthusiasts, while their Water Tanks and Septic Tanks showcase their commitment to sustainable water solutions.

Fine Foods – A Gastronomic Adventure: FINE FOODS Ltd’s SupaMan Fries, NaturKai Laplap, Mango Juice, and Feijoa Juice have captured palates worldwide. These tantalizing delicacies, bursting with tropical flavors, embody the richness of Vanuatu’s diverse food culture.

Frozen Organic Root Crops – Fresh Food Vanuatu: FRESH FOOD VANUATU’s Frozen Organic Root Crops bring the goodness of Vanuatu’s fertile lands to global tables. These nutritious and organic offerings are celebrated for their freshness and versatility.

GASTON CHOCOLAT – Indulgence Perfected: GASTON CHOCOLAT’s range of chocolate bars offers a symphony of flavors that captivate chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. Their commitment to using the finest ingredients reflects Vanuatu’s dedication to producing quality confections.

JIMMY WELDING SERVICES – Strength in Steel: JIMMY WELDING SERVICES’ Welded Steel Products embody Vanuatu’s industrious spirit. Known for their durability and precision, these products cater to the global industrial market.

JVL – Nature’s Bounty in a Jar: JVL’s Coconut Jam and Virgin Coconut Oil showcase the bounty of Vanuatu’s coconuts. Their organic offerings have become staples in kitchens worldwide.

LAPITA CAFÉ Ltd – Indigenous Flavors: LAPITA CAFÉ Ltd’s Gluten-free Flour, Manioc Chips, Taro Chips, and Dried and Flavored products offer a delightful taste of Vanuatu’s indigenous cuisine.

MAMMAS LAEF VANUATU – Sustainable Hygiene Solutions: MAMMAS LAEF VANUATU’s reusable menstrual pads, incontinence pads, reusable nappies, and hygiene product accessories embody sustainable and eco-friendly personal care practices.

NAMBAWAN WOTA BLONG VANUATU LTD – Pure Water from the Islands: NAMBAWAN WOTA BLONG VANUATU LTD’s Bottled Water celebrates Vanuatu’s pristine water sources and offers refreshing hydration to consumers around the world.

NEWMAFEN FARMERS AND PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD – Pineapple Perfection: NEWMAFEN FARMERS AND PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD’s Pineapple Juice and Pineapple Fruits showcase the tropical sweetness of Vanuatu’s pineapples.

ORGANIC PARADISE LTD – Nature’s Bounty in Every Product: ORGANIC PARADISE LTD’s range of Vanuatu Made Products reflects the purity of the islands’ ingredients, resonating with those seeking natural and sustainable products.

PACIFIC POLYTANKS LTD – Sustainable Storage Solutions: PACIFIC POLYTANKS LTD’s Polyethylene Water Tanks, Bins, Buckets, and Dish reflect Vanuatu’s commitment to eco-friendly storage solutions.

PACIFIC PURE EXTRACT – Nature’s Fragrance: PACIFIC PURE EXTRACT’s Coconut Oil Perfumes and Pure Coconut Oil offer a pure and fragrant experience, echoing the essence of Vanuatu’s lush landscapes.

PACIFIC SANTO LTD – The Essence of Kava: PACIFIC SANTO LTD’s Kava Powder, Dried Kava roots, and Frozen Green Kava capture the spirit of Vanuatu’s traditional beverage.

PEOPLE INFRASTRUCTURE & EXPORT VANUATU – Frozen Bounty: PEOPLE INFRASTRUCTURE & EXPORT VANUATU’s Frozen root crops, including Manioc, Taro, and Yam, offer a taste of Vanuatu’s agricultural abundance.

ROMARIN FARM – A Flavorful Secret: ROMARIN FARM’s Seasoning Sauce has found its way into kitchens around the globe, elevating dishes with Vanuatu’s unique blend of flavors.

SMOL AELAN SUPPLIES – Preserving Tradition: SMOL AELAN SUPPLIES’ Frozen Root Crops, including Taro, Cassava, and Yam, keep Vanuatu’s culinary heritage alive.

SUKUAK TRADING – Spices of Vanuatu: SUKUAK TRADING’s Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder, and Manioc Powder offer a taste of Vanuatu’s exotic spice selection.

SWITI LTD – The Cool Temptation: SWITI LTD’s Flavored Ice cream, Fresh Fruit Sorbet, Natural yogurt, Flavored Yogurt, and Fruit Yogurt bring a refreshing twist to dessert lovers globally.

TANNA COFFEE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY – A Coffee Adventure: TANNA COFFEE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY’s Tanna Coffee has impressed coffee connoisseurs with its distinctive flavor profile and commitment to sustainability.

TAVAIKESA – Uniquely Vanuatu: TAVAIKESA’s products, though not specified, promise to showcase the essence of Vanuatu’s unique offerings.

TEBAKOR ISLAND PRODUCT LTD – The Power of Tamanu: TEBAKOR ISLAND PRODUCT LTD’s Tamanu Oil captures the essence of Vanuatu’s natural beauty secrets.

The KAVA HOUSE – A Journey to Kava: The KAVA HOUSE’s Kava Powder offers a taste of Vanuatu’s cultural beverage, enjoyed by locals and adventurers alike.

HERBSFARM – Nature’s Bounty in a Bottle: HERBSFARM’s Organic Juice, Smoothies, and Fruitsicles provide a refreshing and healthy taste of Vanuatu’s abundant fruits.

THE DISTILLERY COMPANY – A Spirited Delight: THE DISTILLERY COMPANY’s Rum embodies the spirit of Vanuatu’s islands and delights those seeking a taste of adventure.

TIVR LTD – Crafted from Nature: TIVR LTD’s Furniture and Joinery showcase Vanuatu’s craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability.

TORBA HANDICRAFT COOPERATIVE – Handcrafted Treasures: TORBA HANDICRAFT COOPERATIVE’s Handicraft products reflect the creativity and cultural heritage of Vanuatu.

TROPICAL PLANTATION LTD – Tropical Abundance: TROPICAL PLANTATION LTD’s range of Fruits showcases the rich bounty of Vanuatu’s tropical landscapes.

VANUA SOAP – A Pampering Experience: VANUA SOAP’s Soap offers a luxurious and natural skincare indulgence, inspired by Vanuatu’s pristine environment.

VANUATU BEVERAGE LTD – Quenching Thirsts: VANUATU BEVERAGE LTD’s Bottle Water provides a refreshing sip of Vanuatu’s pure water.

VANUATU BIJOUTERIE – A Jewel from the Islands: VANUATU BIJOUTERIE’s Jewelry embodies the elegance and beauty of Vanuatu’s culture.

VANUATU BREWING LTD – Cheers to Tradition: VANUATU BREWING LTD’s range of Alcohol Beverages celebrates Vanuatu’s brewing heritage.

VANUATU CRAFTS ASSOCIATION LTD – Handcrafted Flavors: VANUATU CRAFTS ASSOCIATION LTD’s range of Jams, Vinegar, Liqueurs, and Spirits showcases Vanuatu’s artisanal prowess.

VENUI VANILLA Co. LTD – The Fragrance of Vanuatu: VENUI VANILLA Co. LTD’s Vanilla products offer the sweet aroma of Vanuatu’s iconic vanilla.

VOLCANIC EARTH – Nature’s Potions: VOLCANIC EARTH’s Tamanu Oil products and natural skincare range celebrate the richness of Vanuatu’s volcanic soil.

As consumers seek authentic and sustainable products, Vanuatu’s offerings stand out as a true representation of its soul-stirring beauty and rich traditions.

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